Katya Baxter (Episode 8)

CONTENT WARNING: Eating disorders Katya Baxter is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. When she was 16, she hopped on the plane, by herself, and flew over to Boise, Idaho to visit a friend. But instead of a two-week long trip, God had something else in store for her. She ended up staying in Boise and going to … Continue reading Katya Baxter (Episode 8)

Bekah Bowman (Episode 6)

Bekah Bowman is a coach's wife, a special needs mom, speaker, and author of Can't Steal My Joy. She is passionate about bridging the gap between churches and families with disabilities.  On this episode, she shares her story raising two sons with terminal illnesses, how joy and grief can coexist, and her vision for how … Continue reading Bekah Bowman (Episode 6)