Christianity, Culture, and Community: Why the Words We Use Matter and Knowing Real History is Key (Episode 15)

On this second episode of this series, April is joined by Jamie Corbin, Ben Cremer, Kelly Holder, and Elicia Zahm as they pick up the conversation discussing the Christian voice that’s driving anti-CRT rhetoric and our personal struggles with church right now. Ben takes us to church as he shares about Jesus’ first sermon, the history of evangelicalism, and the history of Idaho. We talk about indoctrination–what it is, what it isn’t, and is it really showing up in our schools?

**Please note that this is a conversation among white community members specifically addressing how white people in their area are behaving and what needs to change; this is not intended to in any way center whiteness and/or speak on behalf of Black people about their experience. We acknowledge that no people group is a monolith, and we are are speaking from our own experiences and areas of knowledge.

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The things we talked about…

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