Katya Baxter (Episode 8)

CONTENT WARNING: Eating disorders

Katya Baxter is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. When she was 16, she hopped on the plane, by herself, and flew over to Boise, Idaho to visit a friend. But instead of a two-week long trip, God had something else in store for her. She ended up staying in Boise and going to college, then moving to Toronto and finding her own faith, and then to San Francisco where instead of leaving her heart she found her soulmate.

Today, 20 years later, she and her family are back in Boise. Katya’s most recent adventure involves putting on a teacher’s hat and becoming a self-taught, pandemic-induced homeschooling mom for her biracial daughter. When she is not teaching, she practices nutrition and helps turn picky eaters into kids who love to eat all kinds of food and stay healthy. 

On this episode, we discuss Katya’s childhood in Russia, her experience as an immigrant to the US, mental health, finding faith, her battle with an eating disorder, and what she’s learned about race since marrying a Black man and raising a biracial daughter. It is a full episode with so many important topics.

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