How you vote is NOT the most important thing…

I’ve been reading and listening, trying to learn what the Bible says about Christians and how they should vote. Here’s what I’ve learned–there is NO candidate or party that will EVER fulfill everything we should be striving for. Ever.

So what do we do?

We advocate for our neighbors and families and the unborn and the suffering and marginalized. We fight for equality for our fellow citizens and for the sojourner. We vote, but we don’t just wait until a November day every four years to do the work.

And who do we vote for?

I heard a great piece of advice recently… casting a vote is not buying an engagement ring, it’s buying a bus ticket. It doesn’t have to be love (in fact, it shouldn’t be, or you’re likely to be blind to things you need to see). You choose the candidate that is going the same general direction you want to go.

This was so helpful for me. I’ve chosen my bus, knowing it’s not going to get me to where I need to be. The only way I’ll get to where I’m headed is by doing the work, walking, hiking, climbing, fighting my way to get there. No matter which party I vote for, I FIGHT for the things it’s lacking.

We tend to be very binary thinkers, especially as Christians; things are good or evil, right or wrong. But there’s so much more nuance than that. Because we’re human, and Jesus was too. Read his story; it’s FULL of nuance. And he was perfect.

Realizing that the political work before me as a Christ follower is so much more than choosing one candidate every four years has been eye opening and a relief. It’s not ALL riding on this one election; that’s just when we buy our bus ticket. It’s more about the important work we do the other 1,460 days.

Photo courtesy of Nika Forney.

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